Powering Up Equipment Repair with a New Partnership

CPE is proud to partner with Rotating Equipment Repair, Inc. (RER), a state-of-the-art repair house in Sussex, Wisconsin, outside of Milwaukee.

Founded in 1982, RER provides high quality engineering and repair services, specializing in high-pressure multistage boiler feed pumps for critical power plant equipment. RER is an industry leader in part replication, utilizing leading edge, precision technology to reverse engineer in the field. Pattern design and construction for castings are done in-house, remanufacturing parts to original specifications and tolerances.

Like CPE, RER ensures quality and compliance of all pump repairs and fabrications in the shop and in the field. Nuclear safety related repairs and fabrications are performed in accordance with ASME NQA-1 and 10CFR50 Appendix B. RER is currently in the process of obtaining ASME “NPT” Certification; Nuclear safety related part fabrications and repairs/replacement pertinent to ASME section III N-Stamp pumps.

For CPE customers, this partnership means we can deliver a whole new level of repair services throughout the Northeast and Caribbean. By adding precision replication capabilities , we can address the growing problem of parts obsolescence, saving on equipment upgrades and costly change outs.

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