CPE Acquires Gehring Pumps

Rochester, NY—September 4th, 2012–Robert Tortorella, President of CPE (www.corrosion-products.com) today announced that two of the Northeast’s most recognized names in the fluid handling industry, CPE and Gehring Pumps, are combining forces.

CPE, a recognized leader in the corrosion, fabrication, pump and seal industries is acquiring Gehring Pumps, one of the leading manufacturers’ representatives and distributors of pump and process equipment to the water and wastewater industry.

“This acquisition will bring a vast infrastructure and new resources including products, services, engineering, and 24/7 support capabilities to Gehring customers,” said Tortorella.  “It also makes CPE a major player in NYS, strengthens our presence in the Northeast, and creates a platform for growth nationally, with more opportunities to sell products in new markets, expand services and create additional job opportunities.”

CPE is headquartered in Rochester and has facilities in Albany, NY and the Caribbean. The family-owned company currently employs 45 people in management, sales, engineering, support services and project management. Its customers include manufacturers, power generation facilities, refineries, chemical and pharmaceutical companies, the food and beverage industry, technology companies, municipalities (government, waste and wastewater treatment facilities), universities and hospitals.

Gehring Pumps, located in Victor, NY, was founded in 1984 and provides services for manufacturing, power, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, as well as facilities, municipalities and institutions. It serves municipalities, industry, engineers, contractors, food & beverage processors, commercial, power, fire protection and institutions.

Gehring’s sole owner and President, Jacob (Jake) Scherer, will join CPE in his new position of Vice President of Sales, Pump Division. Gehring’s other employees will also move to CPE’s Rochester headquarters on Elmgrove Park.

Scherer said, “It has always been a dream of mine to be the premier supplier of equipment in New York State; this acquisition fulfills that dream.  Combining the resources of CPE and Gehring creates a comprehensive solutions provider that is capable of supporting all the needs of our customers. I enjoy the sales end, driving the bottom line and getting in front of customers. Instead of wearing all the hats running a company I can now sell five days a week.  It’s a new beginning for me, a breath of fresh air.”

CPE Senior Vice President Peter Tortorella, based out of the company’s Albany facility said, ” This acquisition establishes CPE as a premier supplier of rotating equipment, sealing devices and specialty fluid handling products. The addition of Jake Scherer and his team to CPE greatly enhances the depth of experience and knowledge that we can offer to our customers across the entire spectrum of process industries in our territories.”